Resilient / Vinyl Flooring

The interlocking planks of a vinyl floor are designed for beautiful aesthetics as well as staggering durability. Used in both commercial and residential settings, people love vinyl flooring because it both waterproof and completely customizable!

At Williams Furniture, Floor Coverings & Sleep Center, we offer all our customers the type of amazing vinyl flooring that lasts a lifetime. We carry the sought after Floorte model vinyl flooring from Shaw. This type of flooring always promises (and delivers) an unyielding quality that can’t be matched in the industry.

In addition to the Floorte, we offer a number of additional vinyl options from other top-name suppliers as well, including:

Armstrong | Conogoleum | IVC Flooring | Mannington Flooring | And more....

We can customize all of your vinyl flooring options as well in terms of patterns, wood look, species of wood, and more. We also have the installation resources to make it truly stand out and make your domestic or commercial space look absolutely unique.

Today, luxury tiles and planks are all the rage. People want a durable product that is eco-friendly and easy on the wallet. When you choose to work with Williams Furniture, Floor Coverings & Sleep Center for all your vinyl needs, you’re getting all of that and more!