From the ancient bath houses of Roman nobility to modern-day mansions, man has always loved the look, feel, and functionality of sleek tile. Its smooth surface, resistance to wear, and beautiful design – make tile one of the most amazingly versatile flooring materials on earth, and also a work of art.

And when it comes to supplying tile to eager customers, Williams Furniture, Floor Coverings & Sleep Center has it all! We have thousands of options to choose from; all uniquely customized to your specific needs. Sizes, colors, shapes, patterns, countries of origin – ask our experts anything about our tile inventory and we can make it work for you.

As always, Williams Furniture carries all the best brand names of tile in the world as well, including:

Florida | Mohawk | Marazzi |  Shaw | And hundreds more....

In our showroom, you can preview a wide variety of our tile samples, and see how they would like in your home or office. Perfect for kitchen and bath renovations, pool flooring, and a host of other surfaces and constructions, tile is an option that is both affordable and ideal for your next project.